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I'm a Front End Developer and UI Designer

Graph Paper Press

Graph Paper Press is a small team of web designers and developers based in Brooklyn, NY who build graphically minimal WordPress themes for photographers, artists and entrepreneurs. Their content-rich designs allow you to create a blog, build a portfolio and sell your photography or…

Internet Explorer Birthdays

Just so we remember how old it is...Internet Explorer 9 – 14 Mar 2011 Internet Explorer 8 – 19 Mar 2009 Internet Explorer 7 – 18 Oct 2006 Internet Explorer 6 – 27 Aug 2001

Colorlabs Backbone Theme and WordPress 3.5

After much head scratching and nudges from others I found the reason why the sliders and the dropdown menu stopped working in the backbone theme when I upgraded to WP3.5 Because the theme is called Backbone, they naturally called their javascript set up file backbone.js…

Running WordPress in a local OSX Dev environment.

Up until now I thought I either had to download and install updates manually, or set up an FTP server locally. Whilst idly investigating setting up the OSX FTP server I found a much better alternative. In case someone else is living in the same…